what are u doing with who for what?

Good day mate!
It’s long time to write a blog and I try to write a blog in english for practice.
Just in case to have a trip to australia because I love the country.

Yesterday doctor Hino left the earth for going to heaven. He was 105 years old.
He really had a full of life I think.

I really apriciate of his life. when I will reach the time for reaving the earth.
I think God will ask me. Did u enjoy your life?
Did u have your life? and more.

then I must say Yes. If i say soso. It’s a problem I think. we always think of myself with someone’s idea or thought. It is not our life.

Let’s have a life wih own thought. So we never look back our life.

Let’s enjoy now it is a present from god.
see u mate!!

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